The Slump Series: No. 3 of 3

April 24, 2020

Saying Good-bye & Transformation Welcome to the third and final episode (for now) of The Slump Series. Saying good-bye is never easy, but if we can consider it a time of transformation, it makes it a little easier. Now there’s…

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The Slump Series, Episode No. 2 of 3

April 17, 2020

You Can Learn From the Slump Is it weird to have “conversations” with a drawing? Well, it may, depending on your background. Please let go of this classification … just for a little bit! For certain, the exercise of “talking”…

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The Slump Series, Episode No. 1 of 3

April 10, 2020

How to Embrace & Love The Slump There are days when you’d really like to be working – in the same room – with your best design-colleague-friend. Alas, as a freelancer, we work from our home offices; our colleague-friends do…

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