The Slump Series, Episode No. 2 of 3

You Can Learn From the Slump

Is it weird to have “conversations” with a drawing? Well, it may, depending on your background. Please let go of this classification … just for a little bit!

For certain, the exercise of “talking” with your drawing is helpful. The ideas and answers you receive may surprise and delight you. This exercise will move you forward. Try it!

Here’s How

1. Put on an uplifting tune; try the Talking Heads’, This Must Be the Place.

2. Set out a picture of your Slump from last week’s exercise. Ask him/her/it how they are doing today and make sure that they are comfortable.

3. Write down a question or a concern you’d to which you’d like some help and discuss! Write out the conversation. Suggestion: you may want to type or write it out in a Q & A type of format. When done, take one minute to sketch an image that comes to mind. Time yourself – just one minute. See what happens!

Here is my recent conversation and what I learned:

Me: Dear Slump, how is the hot beverage?

Slump: Very good, thank you. How are you doing today?

Me: Externally, things are wonderful; internally, I’m kind of down.

Slump: Why is that?

Me: I just don’t feel good.

Slump: Here, have a hot beverage.

Me: Thank you.

Slump: So, what could make you feel better?

Me: A purpose. A purpose for someone [not me]. Something that I’m really excited about and on which I can focus; something that’s needed.

Slump: Why are you afraid to want to do something you like for yourself?

Me: Because I think it’s indulgent.

Slump: Well, hmmm … let’s look up the word, indulgent. You know, synonyms for indulgent include: considerate, fond, kindly, permissive, tolerant. All things, I think, you approve of, yes?

Me: I did not know that; this is pretty neat.

First recorded in 1630–40, indulge is from the Latin word indulgēre to be lenient (toward), accede, take pleasure (in)