The Slump Series, Episode No. 1 of 3

How to Embrace & Love The Slump

There are days when you’d really like to be working – in the same room – with your best design-colleague-friend. Alas, as a freelancer, we work from our home offices; our colleague-friends do too – often across the country. As a consequence, sometimes we get visited by … THE SLUMP. So what do we do? Why we embrace and love The Slump!

Here’s how:

  1. Open the door, and let him/her in. Think of the tune by Paul McCartney, Let ‘Em In; it will pick you up.
  2. Make The Slump a hot beverage, preferably with cream and honey.
  3. Have a conversation with The Slump; you’ll learn a lot. And you know what? The Slump will do something remarkable; he’ll/she’ll lift you up.

Exercise: Draw The Slump

When I started drawing mine, it was way too cute. It asked me, “do I look like a bear?”, and “shouldn’t I look less cute?” Then, The Slump says, “Actually, I can look like anything you want, draw me”. Further, The Slump says, “I will change what I look like from time to time too; don’t worry.”