This week, I am going to use a process that is part of a project at our Quaker Meeting – the Every Problem Has a Solution Quilt Project – developed by Friends Cameron Hughes and Barbara Lake. In a nutshell, participants come up with a problem. Using queries of some of the Quaker testimonies, you find your solution. Once you have your solution, you design a 10-inch x 10-inch quilt square that illustrates it. It’s a fine way to put our faith into practice. So, that’s what I will do in the next few days to find a solution to: how can I best use my skills as an illustrator and graphic designer to be useful in the time of the pandemic and climate change? See you next week!

This artwork is a detail of last week’s illustration, colorized. I like being able to take details from existing artwork and use them in another related application – whether personal or for work (e.g. brand identity).